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Appointment Information:

Your initial appointment with your provider (Randy Wild, LCPC) will be 45 minutes in length. After your initial appointment, we will establish any necessary follow-up appointments and prescribed frequency of visits. This may involve setting up a “standing” appointment (same time and day of each week.) Follow-up appointments are also 45 minutes long.  If you have any questions, want more information, or would like to schedule an appointment for counseling or biofeedback, please call the office at (208) 644-0783.

We request that if you have a communicable illness, please do not come to the office.  As soon as you know you are ill, please call us to reschedule for a time after you are no longer contagious. This protects our providers and staff, as well as other patients, from possible illness.

We also ask that, if at all possible, you do NOT bring your small children with you to your appointment. If you are not able to make other childcare arrangements, please call us ahead of time to see if we can reschedule your appointment, or clear it with your provider for you to bring your child/children. Please keep in mind that your children will probably go into the session with you, as our staff are not childcare providers. Having your small children in session with you may cause distractions, or prevent open discussion with your provider, and thus be counter-productive to your treatment.

We do not allow pets in the office. Only service dogs and certified companion dogs will be allowed in the office.

Insurance Information

Click here for more information on the insurances we accept.



It is your responsibility to know your insurance benefits. You can call the customer service number on your insurance card and ask for your “mental health benefits in an office setting”, specifically if you have: co-pay, deductible and/or co-insurance, any limits on number of sessions per policy period, and any authorization requirements for counseling.


It is our policy to collect your CO-PAYMENT at the time of service. If you have a DEDUCTIBLE and/or CO-INSURANCE, we will submit the claim for service to your insurance company, and when we receive the Coordination of Benefits/Explanation of Benefits statement (with or without payment from your health insurance company), we will send you a statement indicating your payment-due amount. In the event your insurance does not pay, the patient is ultimately responsible for the charges.

The billing statements to you go out during the first week of each month, and payment is due by the end of the month.  You can mail your payment, call us to take a payment by credit card (we do NOT store/save card numbers/information), or bring cash and pay at your next appointment (if it is within the current month). If you choose to pay with cash, please bring the exact amount. We do not make change or carry credit amounts on your account.

We offer a sliding fee scale for patients with no insurance and the rate is based on proof of income level and family size.   We accept these forms of payment: checks, money orders, cash, and these credit cards:

Additional Administrative Fees/Charges:

  1. Letter writing on behalf of the patient/client will be billed at $200 per hour.
  2. Telephone calls made on behalf of the patient/client will be billed at $200 per hour after five minutes
  3. Electronic communications/E-mails made on behalf of the patient/client will be billed at $200 per hour after five minutes.
  4. Excessive postage costs for mailing documents will be assessed to the patient/client.
  5. Copying of notes, assessments, or other legal documents will be billed as:  1-20 pages/$1.50 per page, single sided; 20-60 pages/$0.25 per page, single sided.
  6. Written requests for copying of documents are required, and must include:  date of request; patient name, address, telephone/contact information; patient date of birth; dates of treatment; description of information you would like copied.

Cancellation and
No-Show Policy

An important part of your treatment process requires you to attend scheduled appointments. We have allotted this time especially for you. Because we are holding this time for you, we expect you to attend all sessions. We require at least one working day (Monday through Friday qualify as working days) notice to cancel or move a scheduled appointment. Cancellations or missed appointments without 24-hour notice will be charged as follows:

  • 1st late cancellation or missed appointment: $50
  • All subsequent late cancellations or missed appointments: $100

Exceptions may be made for emergencies or serious illness.  Forgetting about the appointment, scheduling conflicts, having to stay at work, or minor aches and pains are not considered emergencies. Please respect these boundaries and call us 24 hours in advance.

To CANCEL your appointment, please CALL our office.  Do not send an email to your provider.  If it is outside of business hours, please leave a message and we will note the time and day of the call in consideration of your request to cancel or reschedule.