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Bend Counseling & Biofeedback & Boise Counseling & Biofeedback

When you are looking for a counselor in Bend, Oregon or Boise, Idaho to help you achieve your optimum mental, emotional and physical health, you want to know they have your best interests in mind.  Using effective, evidenced based therapies, you will be guided through a process of learning and finding how to handle life’s challenges.  And with neurofeedback and biofeedback therapies, Bend & Boise Counseling & Biofeedback can take you further and faster compared to traditional therapy alone.


Starting to work with a counselor can be a little intimidating.  You are investing your time and money and want to feel confident that you will see results to reach your full potential and feel different.  At Bend & Boise Counseling & Biofeedback, we understand because you are our most important priority.  We are pleased to offer compassionate, personalized care with a variety of therapies and services for clients of all ages.


For your convenience, we offer counseling and biofeedback services in both Bend, Oregon and Boise, Idaho.




Every person faces challenging circumstances throughout life, but you don’t have to endure the pain of difficult experiences alone.


Biofeedback involves using electronic instrumentation to monitor specific, often unconscious physiological activities of a patient’s body and then “feeds back” the information to them.



Trauma and its associated anxiety and depression can be incredibly difficult to endure. We use these therapies in addition to our other evidenced-based approaches to address PTSD and trauma induced anxiety.