Mental performance and training for athletes in Bend, Oregon

The mental aspects of the game are just as important to performance.

There is a new frontier in sports performance which focuses on the mental aspects of the game, such as mental preparation and self confidence. Studies have shown that these mental aspects are just as important to performance as training for skill and endurance.

Our Peak Performance program helps to eliminate the mental and neurological barriers to performance by improving your ability to regulate your attention, in order to enhance and focus your natural abilities.

Golfers, for example, report improved mental preparation before a tee shot, drive or putt which translates into improvement in both the level and consistency of performance.

Some Benefits You Can Acquire from Peak Performance

  • Attention to the task at hand
  • Absence of self consciousness
  • An ability to control breathing and adrenaline
  • No fear of failure
  • Personal control
  • An intuitive experience
  • Overcome the emotional and mental factors that are an obstacle to excellence in performance

Peak performance training is customized to assist you in improving your critical skills for performance, whether that be in your job, in sports, academics … any part of your life that relies on flexibility in thinking and responding.

Peak Performance Program

The program consists of participating in Neurofeedback, Mindfulness Cognitive Coaching, Heart Rhythm Coherence Feedback, and Mental Rehearsal to improve performance in any given situation.

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