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Are you a mental health professional working toward licensure?

Randy is an Approved Clinical Supervisor for mental health professionals who are working toward licensure in Oregon. In his own words about clinical supervision:

I utilize an integrative model of supervision. This allows me to address the supervision needs of counselors in training. My role in supervision involves creating an environment that allows the supervisee to learn and grow, thus fostering movement to the next developmental level as a counselor. The goal of supervision is to provide mentoring and coaching to counselors with various levels of training and preparation. The objective for supervision is to provide the supervisee with feedback and guidance related to their counseling knowledge, ability, and skills with diverse groups of clients.

It is my desire to create and to maintain a favorable context for supervision by promoting open and honest dialogue about the relationship between client, supervisee, and supervisor.

For more information about my Clinical Supervision Services as well as supervision fees, please call 541-550-7940

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