Life today is unpredictable with ups and downs. Because of this, we've become accustomed to living in fear and stress most of our lives. While a bit of worrying helps keep us on our toes, too much anxiety can be detrimental to our physical and mental health.

As much as breaking out of the vicious cycle of chronic anxiety requires one to push themselves, talking to a professional helps lead a less worrisome life nine times out of ten. If you're in Oregon, here's how to find the right teletherapist who can help you practice better mindfulness.

Which conditions are treated with Telehealth?

Virtual Counseling in Beaverton | BCB Therapy

Teletherapy can help treat a wide range of mental and physical conditions, just like in-person therapy. These include:

Where and when can you do teletherapy?

Virtual teletherapy occurs via phone (call or apps), designated telehealth platforms, or videoconferencing. All platforms used during the counseling comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) to keep the conversations private. Once you initiate contact, you and the teletherapist will agree on a timeline schedule that works for both for the entire duration.

What are the requirements for teletherapy?

The requirements for teletherapy remain the same whether you're in Bend, Beaverton, Eugene, or Salem. Before accessing the telehealth services, determine the kind of modality you want. Is it brainspotting – brain-based therapy or biofeedback – to improve psychological awareness? Once you lock down on a specific treatment, you must have one of the following to access services:

  • Insurance coverage. BCB Therapy accepts most commercial insurance as well as medicaid.
  • BCB Therapy also offers a discounted cash rate.

How to prepare for your first Telehealth appointment

The first virtual therapy session is usually the hardest as you both don't know each other. To avoid that awkwardness during the first counseling session, do these:

  • Select a location where no one can hear your conversations
  • Find a distraction-free environment to keep out intrusive thoughts
  • Wear headphones to cancel out noise
  • Ask burning questions about the therapy early on
  • Carry a pen and paper to write on if the content becomes too much.
  • Have a sense of humor during the session
Counseling in Beaverton | BCB Therapy

Why Contact BCB for an Appointment?

At BCB Therapy, we offer counseling and teletherapy services to get you through life as smoothly as possible. Our mental health experts have experience dealing with many mental conditions, from trauma,obsessive-compulsive disorder to ruminating and many other mentally challenging conditions.

Connect with a mental health professional who can diagnose and help you get treatment for your mental health condition. Make a telehealth appointment with our mental health experts; our telehealth clinic serves all of Oregon State and the nearby Portland area.