Meet Our Therapists

Bend and Boise Counseling & Biofeedback began operating first in Bend in 2004.  We made Central Oregon our home and are expanding our services to Boise.  Our therapists and staff are knowledgeable and supportive.  We want to make you feel warm and welcome as we work together.

Randy Wild, Owner, MS, LPC

Having started Bend and Boise Counseling & Biofeedback in 2004, Randy is often described as being caring and compassionate. He knows the value of a safe, trusting relationship between himself and his clients. Randy believes in giving his clients evidence-based tools that can have an immediate impact. With many years of counseling experience, his treatments for clients may include EMDR, Biofeedback, HeartMath and Neurofeedback, Randy works to ease each client’s struggle. Randy is also a certified biofeedback provider, working with mental health professionals to secure their licensure.  Randy sees clients in both the Bend and Boise offices.  He is currently transitioning his practice to include on-line counseling. Please call the main office number for details.

Sarah Hockett, MA, LPC, NCC

Sarah holds a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling Psychology and is a Nationally Certified Counselor. Sarah believes in a whole person approach to wellness. Whole-person wellness promotes self-efficacy and incorporates all areas of one’s life including: emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and vocational. Sarah is passionate about helping people lead meaningful, fulfilling lives and wants to help her clients cultivate the best within themselves.

Prior to moving to Central Oregon, Sarah spent over 10 years working in community mental health in Washington State. She worked in crisis services, providing assessment and solution focused intervention for a diverse population, spanning all age ranges. Sarah is also a professor of addiction studies; she enjoys sharing her passion for human services with students and providing supervision for mental health counselors working towards licensure. She is skilled in building rapport and promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyles with teens and young adults. Sarah enrolls families in support of the individual whenever possible.

Sarah employs motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and solution focused therapy in her counseling approach. She has extensive experience in the treatment of depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, chemical dependency and behavioral addictions. Sarah is currently receiving training in Biofeedback. She is based in our Bend location.

Chesley Strowd, MS, NCC, LPCi

Chesley holds a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health from OSU Cascades and is a National Certified Counselor working towards licensure. She is trained in the Systemic Family Intervention model and various other modalities. Chesley is often described as having a warm and compassionate nature with authentic curiosity that helps build the therapeutic relationship. She has a genuine desire to assist in clients’ empowerment. Her approach to counseling is based on the belief that suffering is inevitable and manifests differently for everyone. She believes we are more than our thoughts, feelings and struggles, and that it is possible to make meaning of our lives in order to move forward and to our full potential. Her mission is to collaborate with and assist clients in discovering their authentic self for a more fulfilled life through practical tools for building internal resources for resilience. She creates a safe space that honors clients’ free will to allow new discoveries to be made and new skills to be practiced so clients can function at their optimal state of well-being.

Her underlying approach is to help facilitate growth, awareness and meaning in clients’ lives through application of concepts derived from the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) including mindfulness, biofeedback, trauma informed care and Mindful Self-Compassion skills development. She is undergoing training in HeartMath, Brainspotting and neurofeedback with plans to become trained in Clinical EFT (tapping).  Chesley is based in our Bend location.

Jessica Creger,
Front Office & Billing

Jill Wild,
Office Manager

Lillian Ford,
Office Manager